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Our agency was founded with the main goal of providing quality and affordable home care services in Hawaii. Our staff is committed to providing our clients with the best care and services available. We are proud to serve our community with support and encouragement that relate to their social, physical, emotional, and cognitive health.

caregiver holding hand of senior patient and comfort her
Our Mission:

It is InfiniteCare-Plus’ mission to provide safe, affordable, and high-quality care services by supporting our client’s desire to remain independent at home. We aim to provide a comfortable environment where we can encourage our clients’ independence, respect their individuality, and preserve their sense of dignity.

Our Vision:

It is our vision to become the leading provider of home care and healthcare staffing solutions by defining industry quality standards through cost-effective services, staff training and education, and advanced technology, all for the improvement of our clients.

Why Choose Us

These are the reasons why you should trust InfiniteCare-Plus for your care needs.

  • We prioritize our clients’ unique needs at home. We ensure that our clients can still live independently while providing them with the care they need to live safely.
  • We coordinate with our clients’ doctors and care coordinators to ensure they receive the treatment suited to their condition.
  • Our services and employment opportunities are applicable to anyone regardless of their age, race, religion, nationality, or gender.
  • We provide a continuous effort in improving our services. We ensure that our services are up to date with the ever-changing care industry.

Our Goals & Objectives

We aim to support our clients’ desire to stay in their homes and to develop a service practice that promotes togetherness and strong teamwork among our staff members by:

  • providing a safe and responsible care setting
  • providing crucial healthcare and welfare services
  • providing affordable and quality home care services
  • facilitating our clients’ health with individualized care
  • assisting our clients to live a normal lifestyle
  • providing community resources
  • providing equal employment opportunities
  • promoting diverse relationships with our clients and employees
  • enhancing our agency’s values and practices

Core Values

We provide care in a professional matter while being compassionate to our clients’ needs and respecting their dignity and individuality. Our core values comprise the word—INFINITECARE:

  • I – Innovation
  • N – Nurturing
  • F – Fortitude
  • I – Individuality
  • N – Nobleness
  • I – Integrity
  • T – Trust
  • E – Expectations
  • C – Collaboration
  • A – Accommodating
  • R – Respect
  • E – Empathy