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About Us

+ Mission Statement

aboutusInfiniteCare-Plus‘ mission is to provide safe, affordable, high quality in-home care by supporting our clients’ desire to remain at home for as long as they possibly can. We endeavor to provide a home environment that encourages our clients’ independence, respecting their individuality, and preserving their dignity. Our staffs are committed to provide the best care and services to our clients we are so privileged to serve by providing them support and encouragement that relates to their social, physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being. We are committed to give the best services we offer.

+ Vision

InfiniteCare-Plus‘ vision is to be the leading home care provider and health care personnel staffing servicer by defining industry quality standards through cost-effective provision of innovative service delivery models, staff training and education, and through the use of advanced technology to improve clients’ care.

+ Goals & Objectives

InfiniteCare-Plus‘ goals and objectives are to support our clients’ desire to remain at home and to develop a service culture that promotes camaraderie and strong teamwork amongst our employees by:

  • Providing a safe and responsible in-home care environment
  • Providing essential health and welfare services
  • Providing the highest performance and most cost-efficient home care services in the client’s home
  • Facilitating the attainment of optimal client outcomes for each individual we care
  • Assisting the client to maintain a normal lifestyle as much as possible at home
  • Augmenting our care services by incorporating available community resources
  • Providing equal employment opportunities for individuals that are fair
  • Promoting ethical relationships with individuals we interact with
  • Developing, implementing and monitoring training programs that enhances the skills of our workers

Annual assessments and evaluations will be conducted to ensure that measurable, positive and successful outcomes of these goals and objectives are met.

+ Core Values

Core Values

We are committed to providing care in a professional manner with sensitivity to the dignity and individuality of each client. Our core values are comprised with the word “INFINITECARE” as follows:

I – Innovation

We value creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. We embrace diversity and draw upon different strengths, cultures, ideas, experiences and talents. We constantly seek new ways and opportunities to improve our service delivery system through the development and provision of culturally sensitive delivery programs for the communities we serve.

N – Nurturing

We support and encourage all our staff to hone their respective skills through training and education which will enable them to better serve our clients.

F – Fortitude

Our professional staff are trained to overcome adversity. They possess mental and emotional acumens that are critical components in becoming top-level care providers, especially when confronted with difficult situations.

I- Individuality

We recognize that each client is unique and that each one of them requires specialized and individualized care. We have the capability and the capacity to tailor a Plan of Care that is unique to the individual according to their desire and capability.

N – Nobleness

Our clients are an integral part of why we are in this business. We treat them with dignity and respect by consistently adhering to high ethical standards.

I – Integrity

We steadfastly adhere to high ethical principles and professional standards which guide us in honesty, truthfulness and accuracy of our actions. We provide our services with utmost honesty and integrity without compromising the truth. We are conscious of our actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes.

T- Trust

We endeavor to uphold each and every member of our staff to the highest standards of ethics. We value personal integrity as it is the core essence of our values where reliability and trust are built upon.

E – Expectations

We cherish under-promising and over-delivering when it comes to service delivery. We endeavor to provide service deliveries that are beyond our client’s and referral sources’ expectations.

C – Collaboration

We encourage cohesive collaboration among all members of the care team and observe the following:

  • that all team members want to work together towards a common goal
  • is based on a sense that all participants are valued
  • embraces the unique perspectives of all team members
  • is based on a strong sense of purpose
  • requires trust and a sense of shared responsibility

A – Accommodating

Being responsive to the in-home care needs of the community in which we are so privileged to serve is paramount in preserving the continuity of care for the individual client. We strive to provide access to in-home care at anytime. Our professional staff stands ready to accommodate your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at your request.

R – Respect

Respect is earned. As an Agency, we must continually strive to earn the respect of the people we interact with on a daily basis. Our staff are encouraged to extend RESPECT to our client’s individuality and to allow them to age with dignity.

E- Empathy

We seek to listen and understand the needs of our clients to allow us to better structure our provision of care. On the other hand, we also support our staff as they are the most valuable and important asset of our business, by providing them with competitive wages and benefits, embracing diversity, promoting inclusion, and encouraging personal and professional development. We are united by a culture that celebrates and rewards an entrepreneurial spirit by treating our employees with respect and dignity, making InfiniteCare-Plus a company where the best people want to work. We exercise fiscal responsibility and economic growth. We develop and implement programs and policies that promote the industry, community, client and employee advocacy.
InfiniteCare-Plus is a premier provider of in-home care and health care staffing.

+ Health Care Staffing

We have a pool of candidates that care institutions and health services facilities can acquire their staff from. Forming an ensemble of quality care professionals can be done with ease with the help of InfiniteCare-Plus. Our seamless screening process and rigorous competency assessment allows us to only recruit the candidates who are capable and compassionate in their field of specialization. These can include nursing, therapy, social services and personal care.

+ Home Health Care vs In-Home Care

Some patients prefer to stay at home. This is a choice that has become more popular by the day. At InfiniteCare-Plus, we acknowledge this option to be a primary preference for many clients who are homebound. Illness, old age and disability are the usual reasons why a client will choose in-home care but it does not follow that the quality of health care will decline because it is taken from its usual institutional setting. With InfiniteCare-Plus, health care retains its quality and level of service even when set in a private home. Clients can still access the treatment they require from nurses, therapists and personal care attendants.

We break norms by setting higher standards of service excellence. We preserve your dignity and independence through our care programs. Get to know InfiniteCare-Plus better when you visit our office.

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