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Here are answers to common questions about home care and our services.

What makes InfiniteCare-Plus different from other agencies?
We make sure to accommodate your requests as soon as possible, and our dedicated staff personifies our philosophy and vision of consistent, outstanding client service.
Are your employees screened?
All of our caregivers undergo a rigorous and in-depth screening process, which includes criminal and driving background checks. We also require clearances from Adult Protective Services and Child Protective Services, and proof of employment eligibility in the United States.
Do you only care for seniors?
No, our services are available to all individuals, regardless of age or ethnicity.
Do you provide services in facilities?
Yes, our services can be done in any care environment. Whether it’s in a hospital, nursing home, or assisted living facility, InfiniteCare-Plus will be there for you.
Is there an extra charge for night or weekend care?
No, our rates are constant and set, depending on the level of care given. Our fees are designed to be simple and straight-forward.
Is there a charge for the initial consultation?
The initial consultation is free of charge. Our appointments are overseen by a nurse who discusses your situation and the care you need. We also encourage family members to be present during the appointment.
Is there a “Contract of Services?” If so, what is the cancellation policy?
Yes, there is a service contract that stipulates the rate, level of care, patient rights, and the overall permission to provide home care services to clients. You may cancel the services being provided. There is no specific or obligation as to the duration of the contract.
What is the minimum number of hours per shift?
Most cases require 4 hours as the minimum per shift, but we do offer a 2-hour minimum for LPN and RN cases.
Do you provide 24-hour care or live-in care?
Yes, we do. Our services can be available to you around the clock, or whenever you need it. Call us to inquire about this service.
How often does patient care need reassessed?
Each client has their own Nurse Care Consultant who evaluates the care being performed to ensure the care given is suited to the client’s needs.
Are the caregivers supervised under an administrator?
Yes. All of our caregivers who are in the field are monitored and supervised by our clinical supervisors and human resources. Additionally, we also provide ongoing training on an as-needed basis.
How are calls handed after office hours and on weekends?
Our on-call supervisor handles all after-hour calls.
Why should I go through an agency as opposed to hiring someone?
Through our agency, we ensure that the caregiver caring for you and the services given are all up to the highest standard.
How do I start with your services?
Simply call us at 808-678-9688 or set an appointment, and our representative will discuss and evaluate your condition.
What are your payment options?
We accept cash, checks, Visa, and Mastercard.